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The Daily Star, is the only English language newspaper in Lebanon and a leading daily in the Middle East.

The Daily Star has sections including Lubnan, Syria & Region, World, Business, Sport, OpEd, Culture, Lifestyle, TDS Weekend Supplement and Classifieds.

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The Daily Star is now available on PressReader

The Daily Star ePaper Edition provides access to an online replica of the print edition of the day, from cover to cover, including TDS Weekend.
Similarly to the web experience, The ePaper Edition is available on all platforms and devices and is currently enhanced with the following functionality:

  • »  Auto-delivery of the title when it is released
  • »  Zooming to the graphical view of the page, or text view of each article (SmartFlow)
  • »  Printing full pages or articles
  • »  Listening to articles using on-demand audio
  • »  Adjusting font size and type
  • »  Automatically aligning with the beginning of an article using the optional SmartZoom feature
  • »  Full Retina display optimization for the high resolution devices